MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Restraining orders against five Minnesota football players have been dismissed after they reached an agreement with an alleged sexual assault victim.

The dismissal came Wednesday during a court hearing.

All five players agreed to stay 20 feet away from the woman, and they must have no contact with her until she graduates.

The woman works at TCF Bank Stadium on game days, and the restraining orders kept Ray Buford, KiAnte Hardin, Tamarion Johnson, Dior Johnson and Carlton Djam from playing in home games. The dismissal clears the way for them to play at the stadium, if the university approves.

None of the players were arrested or charged in connection with the alleged Sept. 2 incident.

The Gophers play at home Saturday against Purdue.

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  1. Deport them all to African America. OH wait. They are entitled; and we want to import more of them to the socialist welfare Village. Vote early and often for more free stuff here in the socialist Welfare Village. No-ID required.

  2. The players were doing pretty much what you would expect of them. The girl got drunk and was, unfortunately, promiscuous (she had a tinder account). A sad commentary all-around at the low morals of so many people today.