MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s the beginning of November, but our seven-day forecast looks more like late summer. So, why is our warm November weather so odd?

Temperatures are rising into the weekend, and according to meteorologist Matt Brickman, we’re going to have a Top 10 Weather Day this Friday with sun and mid- to upper-60s expected.

In fact, high temperatures aren’t expected to dip below the upper-50s for at least another week!

So, Brickman listed out some reasons why our November weather is a bit strange.

Firstly, it hasn’t dipped to 32 degrees or below so far this fall in the Twin Cities. The latest freeze on record is Nov. 7, 1900. It looks like we may break that record.

Also, it’s been above freezing since April 12. That’s 205 days of above-freezing temperatures and the record is 207 days. Also looks like we may break that one, too.

Lastly, the Twin Cities on average has its first snowfall of 0.1 inches or greater by November 4.