MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One day after Donald Trump visited the Twin Cities, his running mate made a campaign stop Monday in Duluth.

Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence held a rally at the airport, and the Indiana governor predicted that Minnesota will vote Republican for the first time in decades.

Minnesota hasn’t voted Republican for a president since Richard Nixon in 1972. But two visits in 24 hours by the Trump campaign is a signal they are trying to put the state in play.

Pence spent about an hour at the airport hangar in Duluth, urging Republicans to get out and vote.

Trump is thought to have strong support in northern Minnesota and the Iron Range.

Pence urged supporters to vote early and to bring a friend.

“If you go out and make sure Minnesota is ready, we will elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, and we will make America Great again,” he said. “Let’s go get it done, Minnesota!”

Minnesota is smashing all the state records for early voting and absentee voting.

Lines Monday all over the Twin Cities stretched out of the voting areas and down the street. Waits of two hours were not uncommon.

The Secretary of State’s Office reported that 568,000 voters have already cast a ballot. That’s about 15 percent of total voters in Minnesota.

Minnesota has a tradition of high voter turnout — the highest in the nation during presidential election years.

This campaign has been unpredictable and turbulent, generating an unusual level of interest.

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