MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Anticipation was building Monday night as Presidential nominees made their final pleas to the public.

It was 82 weeks ago that Hillary Clinton announced she would run for president and 72 weeks since Donald Trump made his announcement.

Minnesota smashed all previous early voting records for the state but millions more Americans will vote on Election Day, so nominees and their surrogates and volunteers frantically traveled and campaigned through every minute left on Monday night.

Therese Price of Minneapolis brought a book to keep her company and she waited almost three hours to cast her early vote on Monday afternoon.

“I feel very tense about this election in a way that I never have before,” Price said.

Donald Trump visited the Twin Cities Sunday and running mate Mike Pence visited Duluth on Monday.

Hillary Clinton’s surrogates like Governor Mark Dayton and volunteers campaigned across the state on her behalf Monday.

But the nominees themselves spent the last day before Election Day crossing eight states.

They visited key battleground states and places like Pennsylvania and Michigan which vote almost entirely on Election Day.

“Vote and make sure we are moving together, because I do believe we are stronger together,” Clinton said from her Pennsylvania rally late Monday night.

“With your vote we are just one day away from the change you’ve been waiting for your entire life,” Trump said from his New Hampshire rally late Monday night.

Their closing arguments were nothing new, but the candidates were hoping to sway potential voters to show up to the polls instead of staying home.

“I’m excited for it to be over if it goes the way I hope,” Price said “If it goes the other way I’m a little nervous.”

The emotions of a long campaign season will not go away overnight, but when Election Day is done, a woman who waited hours to use her voice wants people to hear this.

“Hopefully everyone folds up the negativity from the election then gets to work doing whatever it is they have to do,” Price said.

The latest CBS/New York Times poll had Clinton leading Trump by four points on Monday.

You can find your voting location here.