MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The sign in front of the Minnesota DFL headquarters in St. Paul appears to have been vandalized Monday morning.

On the sign, below the words “Minnesota DFL Democratic Farmer Labor Party”, someone appears to have spray-painted “For Trump.”

Minnesota DFL chairman responded with this tweet early Monday morning:

Chairman Martin also released this statement on Facebook:

“This is what we do now in Minnesota? Unbelievable, but not surprising, that Trump supporters would resort to vandalism. It is a disturbing pattern happening all over this state of Trump supporters harassing & intimidating Clinton supporters and destroying people’s property.

It may make someone feel good to engage in this behavior but trust me that childish acts like this only motivate us more for this final push. So while Republicans are engaged in acts of violence, vandalism, and intimidation hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are out on the doors having conversations with voters about issues that impact their lives and the dreams and hopes they have for the future.”

The headquarters is located at 355 East Plato Boulevard.