MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here are the four stories you need to know about for Tuesday, Nov. 8 — Election Day edition. They include a vote on relaxed marijuana laws in some states, and an expected increase in newspaper runs.

Clinton, Trump Head To New York

Election Day is here and campaigning is done. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will spend Election Day and evening in New York with their planes arriving early Tuesday morning. This comes after some last-minute campaigning overnight in key states. Clinton goes into the contest with more potential ways to win the White House. In order for Trump to win he’ll have to take Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio to reach 270 electoral votes.

Marijuana On The Ballot In 9 States

Nine states will vote on relaxing laws governing marijuana use. Five of the nine are considering legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana. The other four, including North Dakota, are asking voters whether to permit medical use. If voters say yes, 29 states — including Minnesota — will have approved medical marijuana use.

Newspapers Get Ready For A Rush

Newspapers are getting ready for a busy day of sales. Thanks to the election, some are planning to double or triple the number of papers they’ll print. Newspapers were caught off-guard eight years ago when Barack Obama won, and many ran out early. The New York Times plans to print nearly a quarter of a million extra copies tomorrow.

Zipcar Offers Free Rides On Election Day

Why not get a ride to the polls? The car sharing company Zipcar is offering members free reservations to more than 7,000 cars for Election Day. Zipcar says it wants to encourage people to cast a vote. You can sign up on the company’s website or app.