By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Fresh from another slim margin of victory, 8th District Rep. Rick Nolan knows he has many Donald Trump supporters to thank.

It was the ballot-splitters who gave Nolan his slim victory over Republican Stewart Mills.

“We always seem to get outspent in campaign elections, but they never manage to outwork us,” Nolan said. “We work hard and get things done and people appreciate that and that’s why we won.”

Some $20 million was spent by the two sides – one of the most expensive House races in the country. Nolan says he’ll continue his push for campaign finance reform.

“Money is distorting the truth, denigrating politicians and the system and discouraging good people from running for office,” he said.

Nolan supporters were at party headquarters past midnight and went home unsure of the outcome.

But when all the votes were counted, Nolan came out on top by 2,072 votes.

As for Trump, the six term congressman has some advice.

“He is now president of the United States of America and his principal job, like mine, is to respect everybody,” Nolan said.

Moreover, Trump’s duty, according to the congressman, will be to work with Congress to turn criticisms of government into positive change that’s fair to all.

At 72-years-old, Nolan says he intends to serve the 8th District for as long as he can remain effective.

Bill Hudson

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