MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Republicans appear to have gained control of the balance of power in the Minnesota Legislature.

Preliminary results show Republicans have control of the Minnesota Senate and House. Some races in the Minnesota Senate were so close that a recount will be required.

Republicans were victrious, 34-33, in the Senate. The House, meanwhile, will also remain under the control of Republicans.

“This is a historic moment for the Minnesota House. This is the first time in 12 years that we have successfully defended a Republican majority in the Minnesota House,” House Speaker Kurt Daudt said. “Minnesotans spoke very clearly tonight that they wanted to make sure that there was a check and balance on Gov. Dayton for his final two years in office.”

A pair of races in Plymouth and St. Cloud that favored Republicans are headed for an automatic recount because of tiny margins of victory. They needed 218 for the majority, and have currently locked up 222, with dozens of seats still not clinched.


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  1. Even in the Villages of Love there is turmoil and people are sick of themselves. lol
    So enjoy this Red Crush that is engulfing the USA. Time to clean up the liberal cesspools
    and put, even make some Americans, work and carry their own weight.
    Let’s go!!

  2. BTW Gov Goofy – it’ a check. And soon a checkmate. tsk tsk
    We have had enough – let me state that again. ENOUGH