MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As shockwaves of President-elect Donald Trump reverberate around the country, Sen. Al Franken says he is skeptical, but hopeful, for what’s to come.

The Minnesota Democrat says he’s willing to work with Trump on infrastructure, mentioned in the Republican candidate’s victory speech, but hopes Trump will come to terms with some of the rhetoric used throughout the campaign.

“Hopefully, going forward, he said in his latest statement he wants to be the president for everybody. And if he wants to do that, I think he might have to change some of what he says,” Franken said.

Franken said he was disappointed by Tuesday’s election results, but hopes he’s proven wrong about Trump.

“This is going to be a challenging time, but it’s a time for us to work together on accomplishing things we agree on,” Franken said. “The democracy will survive.”

He also discussed the protests occurring throughout the country.

“There is a right to protest in this country and as long as it’s peaceful, its people’s right to do,” he said.

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  1. Time for our two worthless Senators to go also.

  2. Infrastructure ? Goodness no. We hired Al and Amy to write laws limiting which cell phone apps parents can install on their children’s phones, and new laws so we can get cheaper access to view prince’s overdose site. We need Al to stay away from anything with fiduciary responsibility. Last time we trusted him to oversee dispensing large sums of money he hired a north Minneapolis black gang family at $320,000 a year to embezzle and defraud millions, over a period of many years.putting Minneapolis Community Action into bankruptcy and receivership here in the Socialist Welfare village.

  3. They have a right to protest, not block streets, damage property, disrupt commerce. Protest on the corner if you must, but the minute they step into the street – book ’em Dano. Unfortunately with the liberal leaders in this metro area the cops hands are tied. Stay safe guys, the anarchists will have the upper hand over you, for now.

    1. Sunny Boyd says:

      He said “as long as it is peaceful, they have the right to protest.

  4. Franken already refuses to work with a new President. What a piece of excrement. Why is he so combative? The American people have rejected Franken and the Democrat party’s platform, direction, agenda. A total failure. Franken needs to do what he does best. Get on all fours and start blowing like an obedient schmuck.

    1. Sunny Boyd says:

      He said it is time to work together.

  5. How was this weirdo elected? What the heck is wring with people up there?