MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President-elect Donald Trump spent most of the day working out of Trump Tower in New York City as protesters across the country continue to march against him, including in Minnesota.

A group of about 250 students from South High School peacefully made their way from South High School to downtown Friday afternoon. They ultimately gathered in a park near U.S. Bank Stadium at around 3:30 p.m. About a half an hour later, the group started marching south on Portland Avenue. After heading west on 9th Street, protesters turned to Nicollet Mall where they entered the U.S. Bankcorp Center.

The group continued marching downtown and headed into the U.S. Bank Plaza, across from the Hennepin County Government Center.

Upset protesters were met with police in cities across the country. Officers in Portland, Oregon confronted thousands of protesters in what police called a “riot” and arrested more than two dozen people.

Police in riot gear fired rubber bullets to try and break up the crowd. They declared it a riot after people began vandalizing cars and businesses. Some protesters launched fireworks at the police.

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  1. With IQ’s in the teens and hate, envy and defeatism is your mental state – keep on walking. The Mississippi is that way >>>>>>>

    1. Look on the bright side. Some of these lawless violent criminals will survive gang life in the ghetto without being shot dead by rivals long enough to to get one of those new participation award diplomas and go on to become a cafeteria line worker.

  2. Blm says it is time to burn down and loot your own neighborhoods again.
    We should shut down those schools for a week to track down the vandal, like they did in north Minneapolis when a student doodled in the margin of a text book. This is much more serious than the black gang violence in the Twin Cities public schools. The guns. The rabid assaults on teachers that put them in the hospital with permanent brain injuries. We need to make our colored students feel special. We need to segregate them in magnet schools where we can spend four times what is spent on normal schools yet delivers substandard education, Like we do in north Minneapolis, the Hmong School, like the Somali only school for Cedar Riverside. More money and mandatory sensitivity training staff for all schools with free snacks and brunch in addition to free breakfast and lunch. We need our Socialist Welfare Village legislators to allocate another extra half billion dollars to the diversity gap next session ,,, like they did last session … and the session before. More money and free stuff will fix anything here in the Socialist Welfare Village. Maybe if we can get children into free full time government union pre-pre-pre-pre-school at the age of six months we can indoctrinate them all to become good Socialist Welfare Party members and not have problems like this in the future.