By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO — Farmington High School’s Lauren Peterson and Anna Fenske walked together on a track on which they frequently run.

They are teammates, and they are good for each other.

“In practice, yeah, we run together a lot and push each other,” Lauren said.

“I always say Lauren is way faster than me in shorter distances [laughs], and so her just being there to push me and just encouraging me really helps a lot,” Anna said.

Anna Fenske (l) and Lauren Peterson (r) (credit: CBS)

Anna Fenske (l) and Lauren Peterson (r) (credit: CBS)

The training works, because last week, on a glorious fall day at St. Olaf College, they were the only two runners from Farmington to qualify for the state meet.

“It’s great coaching them. They’re hard workers and they’re just great teammates to the rest of the girls,” Coach Heidi Revels said. “They train off season, they’re coachable, they work hard.”

But that doesn’t begin to describe what happened at the state meet. Anna emerged from the pack and left little doubt with a first place finish.

Lauren finished in second.

“It was pretty amazing just to know that we got that one and two position, and it’s an amazing moment to share with her because it was really exciting that we achieved our goal,” Anna said.

“I mean, we both really wanted to go one and two, and it turned out that way,” Anna said. “And we were super excited about it.”

They will be back the next three seasons together to try and repeat. But they will never be able to duplicate the first time when it all came together on one very special day.

“Just a lot of happiness and joy,” Lauren said.

“Happy. I was really excited and, like, it was just all a blur those few minutes that we had after,” Anna said.

Mike Max