By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Over the past few days Twin Cities schools have being dealing with racist messages.

On Wednesday, a hate message was written in a locker room at Maple Grove High School. Yesterday, racist graffiti was also found in a girl’s bathroom at Spring Lake Park High School.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The graffiti used the N-word and another derogatory term with the message, “Go back to your home.” Just like at Maple Grove, students wanted to send a message to whoever wrote that on the wall in the girl’s bathroom.

A typical school day at Spring Lake Park is full of schedules and classes. But Friday afternoon it was the students who were giving the lessons — teaching each other that any kind of hate is not welcome.

“The fact that we are coming together shows that we agree that the hurtful comments are not right,” junior Maryam Laid said.

“It’s really sad that today, in Minnesota in the United States, that we can still experience discrimination and harassment like that,” said senior George Elsesser.

It was a racist message left in the girl’s bathroom that led to more than 300 messages left in the rotunda, and in front of the school — messages promoting love, healing, and equality.

“I’m a senior. I don’t want to graduate hating the other people in my class. I want to love them and have all of them love me. And just be equal, you know?” Isaaclina George said.

George organized today’s rally. She said she was disgusted this happened in her school and saw an opportunity to bring change.

“I’m so proud of all of them coming together. Yes, there will be negative thoughts and with everyone loving each other and showing they are one, is just awesome to me,” said George.

The movement was student driven. But they weren’t the only ones getting something out of today.

“I have witnessed a ton of great things that have happened, but this is truly one of the more exceptional ones with everyone coming together,” said principal Jane Stevenson.

Stevenson said the incident is being investigated by both the school and Spring Lake Park Police. She said criminal charges are possible.

In addition to Maple Grove and Spring Lake Park, racist graffiti was found on a sidewalk at the University of St. Thomas. Students there also held a rally to show support for each other.

John Lauritsen

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  1. Professor Keri Dunn got busted vandalizing her own car, someone saw her defacing her car with anti-black, anti-gay, anti–Jewish and anti-feminist graffiti . She did it to incite a protest on campus.

    More recently it was a poop swastika hoax hate crime in a bathroom at the University of Missouri

  2. Be sure to let us know if and when they determine it’s an inside job, CCO, but that’s not as newsworthy, is it.

  3. The language of ‘Go back to your home’ rather than the more common ‘Go home’ makes me very suspect here as well.

  4. Nignogs At It Again (@NignogsA)
    November 10, 2016 at 3:18 am

    Here in the Socialist Welfare village we can get leftover hired blm criminals and terrorists to burn down their neighborhoods, and protest. That is how we expect to convince working people to sacrifice their children’s futures, take food off their tables, and forgo medical treatment because they cannot afford the deductibles on the Obamacare they are forced to buy for ungrateful non-citizens that hate America and live in the lap of luxury with free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, cash payments, interpreters, legal aid, schools, and social services as well as entitlement to preferential hiring, training and promotions. they are entitled to everything free because of their non-white race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin or simply because they are ill-legals. That is only right. It is the way it should be here in the Socialist Welfare Village of love. Anyone who can point to Minnesota on a map should have all these things provided for free. Anyone who disagrees, taxpayer or student, should leave the Socialist Welfare Village of love.