MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A vigil is being held Tuesday night marking one year since Jamar Clark was shot and killed by Minneapolis police.

The 24-year-old was unarmed, but officers said he was going for their gun during a struggle last year. The officers were responding to a call about a woman being assaulted. The incident happened at James and Plymouth Avenues in Minneapolis.

A community gathered in north Minneapolis Tuesday night for the vigil. Jamar Clark’s family and members of the community want to honor his life. Clark’s family gathered at the intersection of Broadway and Emerson in North Minneapolis before marching down the street to where he was shot.

Clark’s family wants the world to know he will never be forgotten. They organized the rally, along with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis.

The officers’ struggle with Clark lasted just 61 seconds. State and federal investigations decided there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Officers Mark Riggenberg and Dustin Schwarze.

And a Minneapolis Police Department investigation says they did not violate policy. All week, friends and family are holding events dedicated to remembering Clark. Some are still calling for another look at the case.

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