MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A longtime Minnesota hunter is taking home the buck of a lifetime.

Jim Wackler is 78 years old and says he hasn’t missed a deer hunting season since 1957, but on Friday, he shot a 36-point buck just north of Howard Lake.

Wackler says the deer weighed in at 219 pounds when he field-dressed it, and that means a lot of venison this winter. He says he hunts to feed his family, and they’ll eat every pound of that meat in the coming months.

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Comments (3)
  1. Robert Berggren says:

    Donna:: this looks like the same deer shot by the same hunter that was at the Outdoor News Deer Classic last year. He was sitting in the Minnesota Official Measurers booth relaying the hunt to whoever stopped by to ask him about it. It’s either the same buck or he just shot its twin.I would be interested to know. I’ll have to talk to the measurer who measured the 1st rack to find out if he heard about a 2nd one shot by the same person.

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    Look at the date on the photo Nov 2015