MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota has become the fourth state in the U.S. to provide extended paid parental leave.

Until now, state employees could use accrued sick time or purchase short-term disability to take paid time off following the birth of a child.

More than 32,000 state employees can access the extra paid time off.

The decision comes after similar efforts by Hennepin County, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and many major companies in the state.

Comments (3)
  1. When the Socialist Welfare party elite decree that insurance must cover a simple desire for more paid time off, it becomes crystal clear why Minnesota’s redundant expansion/ duplication of Obamacare is unworkable.

  2. Jeanne Hines says:

    More detail please. Just state workers? All? How much time?

    1. Silly girl. One cannot expect the the Socialist welfare party elite to know the details and repercussions of new legislation granting entitlements; much less reveal them till long after the law has passed. You should be well used to this phenomenon as witnessed in the recent past with the “No-new taxes” dome, and Minsure’s duplication and expansion of Obamacare.
      If you were old enough you would remember the Socialist Welfare party elite tongue in cheek reassurances that changing the immigration laws in the mid sixties would not negatively change the demographics, … that we would be importing every year to Minnesota over 10,000 illiterate, non-English speaking, unskilled, unemployable, malcontents on the basis of their non-white race, religion, ethnicity, and country of origin using the status of refugee or asiliee: They are immediately placed on multi-generational welfare and are entitled to free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, cash payments, interpreters, legal aid, schools, and social services, given entitlements to preferential hiring, training and promotion and… with no reasonable expectation that any will have jobs or begin to assimilate even well into a quarter of a century past the third generation.