MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — From the latest on Fidel Castro’s death to Cyber Monday deals, here are the four stories to know for Monday, Nov. 28.

Reaction To Fidel Castro’s Death

Thousands of Cubans will pay their final respects today and tomorrow in Havana’s Revolution Square for Fidel Castro. The former dictator ruled the communist nation for nearly 50 years. Critics called him a brutal tyrant, while supporters praised him for giving Cuban people free healthcare and education.

Donald Trump Talks Popular Vote

President-elect Donald Trump is back in New York working to staff his administration after spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Florida. On Twitter, Trump claimed millions of people voted illegally in the general election which allowed Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote. Trump and his staff also criticized the vote recount effort launched by the Green Party and supported by Clinton’s campaign.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday may be in danger of losing its online sales title. Today is traditionally the busiest online shopping day of the year. But now, stores are releasing internet deals earlier — stretching them through the week and making them available in stores.

Nike Shoes

Select customers can get their hands on Nike’s self-lacing shoes. The battery-powered Hyper Adapt one point oh – allow people to simply press a button to tighten and loosen their shoes. Customers at Nike’s SoHo store in New York City can buy them Wednesday for $720.