ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota residents buying health insurance through the state’s exchange are getting more help from the federal government.

MNsure said Tuesday that the average subsidy for health plans is $637, three times higher than last year. That extra financial help is critical with premiums skyrocketing for 2017 coverage.

But just 57 percent of MNsure shoppers qualify for financial assistance while the rest pay full price. Those making too much to get federal subsidies have been the focus of weeks of talk about a potential special session.

Gov. Mark Dayton has called for a rebate to offset the costs for those full-price payers. Lawmakers and state officials are still discussing how to deliver that aid.

Nearly 30,000 have purchased private insurance since Nov. 1. Open enrollment ends at the end of January.

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Comments (4)
  1. Mark …. get your head out the sand and lead and govern you fool

  2. Kally Waters says:

    MNsure is just a tool for redistribution of wealth. Nothing more than something to get us closer to a Cuba like economy. Everybody has nothing except for those in political power.
    So glad Trump will kill it off in 2017!
    And the 300 million spent on the web site is down the drain… A true Dayton legacy!