MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As people across the country plan on closing their accounts with U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo as part of a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, some are protesting more directly in downtown Minneapolis.

A number of people showed up at the new Wells Fargo buildings near the U.S. Bank Stadium to protest the pipeline. Reports from the scene said that there were a number of Minneapolis Police Department squad cars lined up near 4th Street South and Portland Avenue.

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The account-closing protest includes Twin Cities branches.

A group of organizations, including Native Lives Matter and MN350, is leading the effort. They say the reason they’re cancelling their accounts is because both banks are still financing the companies building the pipeline.

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“It’s time for banks to stop financing destruction,” said Ulla Nilsen, Corporate Accountability Organizer with MN350. “Until the banks withdraw all support for fossil fuel companies that violate indigenous treaty rights and put our drinking water and climate at risk, we will withdraw our money from the banks. We cannot allow our savings to contribute to the continuing human rights abuses and environmental disaster taking place at Standing Rock.”

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The protests are happening nationwide.