MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We can’t deny it any longer, winter is just about here. There’s fresh snow on the ground and temperatures are expected to plummet this week.

About three inches of snow coated parts of the Twin Cities metro area Sunday morning. That snow is fading fast, but there’s more to come.

The calendar says December but up until this point, it really didn’t feel like Christmas-time. But as of this week, things are changing.

At the foot of Buck Hill in Burnsville, the lodge’s mascot, Malcolm, a 135-pound New Foundland leaped and basked in the fresh snow Sunday morning. This pup isn’t the only one basking in the frozen glory of Buck Hill.

Kristin Arehart of Mendota Heights smiled as she skid the morning away.

“I feel like a little kid with the snow, it’s fun,” she said.

Kristin and her daughter, Debbie, have been working the year-round ski turf for a few months eagerly awaiting this blanket of fun.

“I love the snow. It’s so fluffy and you get to slide down on your stomach sometimes,” Debbie said.

The co-owner of the hill and full owner of Malcolm also loves the fluff.

“When we get backyard snow then the business just goes from good to off the charts,” Don McClure said. “Once we get the snow on the ground it really changes things from fall to winter so this is the first day it’s really felt like winter.”

A sentiment Brad Thompson, who owns a Christmas Tree lot in Richfield, can relate to.

“It’s good for business, some people just get energized by that.  The snowfall makes it seem more like Christmas,” Thompson said.

A development the family golden doodle is also worked up about.

“I think the calendar, people are really kind of fooled by that when it’s nice out. It’s so warm. So I think just a little bit of snow kind of triggers the thought, ‘Hey it’s Christmas right now,’” Thompson said.

After all, there’s a reason people dream of Christmas in white.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield