MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Winter is coming Tuesday in Minnesota, bringing a drop to freezing temperatures that’ll last all week.

Meteorologist Kylie Bearse says that Tuesday’s high temperature of 28 degrees will come in the morning. From there, temperatures will drop to the upper teens.

Winds are expected to gust Tuesday up to 30 mph, making it feel like the teens all day long.

And the cold will linger.

For the rest of the week, highs aren’t expected to climb out of the 20s.

Snow is possible for Thursday and Saturday.

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  1. This is nothing. We have Decembers where the temps are below zero. Need to start acting like the tough Minnesotans we are, not the liberal pansies we’ve become.

  2. Will you cuddle with me Kylie and help me stay warm and fuzzy —– purrrrty plzzzzz