It’s that time of year – the holidays have returned.

Trees are being decorated, presents are being wrapped and family members are returning home – including Miss Richfield 1981.

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As stated in her biography, “Miss Richfield 1981 dedicates her life to the friendly citizens and responsible merchants of her hometown, Richfield, Minnesota.”

The former beauty queen may spend much of her time traveling, but she never forgets where she comes from. And each holiday season, the Twin Cities are treated to a stage show upon her grand arrival.

This year, Miss Richfield 1981 used her time on the stage to announce that she is running for President of Minnesota.

After reviewing her platform, here are four reasons why you should vote for her.

She Appeals To Small Town Voters
Miss Richfield 1981 was born and raised in the western suburb of Richfield. Neighboring Edina, her hometown was constantly compared to the affluent city, so she knows better than most that Minnesota’s small towns need praise and love too. As her own theme song demonstrates, she has a loyalty to areas outside the major metropolises.

And, not only does she have her own theme song, she does her own singing and choreography too.

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She Is Knowledgeable About Politics
Miss Richfield 1981 shows off her knowledge of our nation’s political history with a song about America’s first ladies. In impressive time, she rattles off the names and facts of each FLOTUS. She shows her decisive nature when she picks a favorite – Abigail Powers Fillmore.

She also demonstrates her strong handle on the political process by explaining to an audience member that she understands what America is all about – “freedom” (quotation marks and all).

She’s Blunt
Miss Richfield 1981 isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She knows what kind of voters she’s looking for – “those that are concerned but don’t know they are concerned” – and how she’ll approach them – “I’m not going to listen to you.”

She also knows that voters want action, they want their politicians to get things done. So, she is not one to elongate the issues. As she told one audience member, “I don’t need full sentences. We’re looking for one word answers. Keep it short.”

She’s Inclusive
From her #BigHairMatters to her Christmas For Everyone mentality, Miss Richfield 1981 has a cause, and a song, for citizens of every race, ethnicity and religious background.

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