By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you have young children you’ve likely heard a lot about Hatchimals. They’re the hottest and hardest toy to find this season. The toy that hatches and comes to life are sold out virtually everywhere. The Toys R Us in Blaine got in 30 over the weekend and sold out within the first hour.

The egg is at the top of many wish lists this year. Five-year-old Josie Goodyear asked Santa for one thing in each letter to him: a Hatchimal.

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“So there’s like a stuffed animal in there. Then the egg cracks,” she said.

Her mom Amber understands the appeal.

“It’s their own little pet and they know that they have to take care of it, you have to keep it warm, hold it close,” Amber Goodyear said.

“Or you can put it under a blanket to keep it warm,” Josie chimed in.

Amber is kicking herself for not buying the Hatchimal she saw for sale in October.

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“I’ve called every store and they kind of laugh at me when I ask if there’s a Hatchimal,” Amber Goodyear said.

Stores can’t keep them on the shelf. The demand is so high people are reselling the $60 toy for more than $200.

The manufacturer posted a note on its website saying the response has exceeded their expectations. They expect new Hatchimals will sell out quickly. And they’re working on a new batch to hatch in early 2017.

“It’s super stressful. We even had Santa explain to Josie how the elves are just working away and working away because every little girl and boy wants a Hatchimal,” Amber Goodyear said.

Target announced stores will have some Hatchimals in stock and on sale Sunday, Dec. 11. There’s a limit of two per person.

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A Toys R Us sales associate said to keep checking back. The store is expecting a limited amount soon too.

Jennifer Mayerle