MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is speaking out about Donald Trump’s cabinet selections.

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus say the president-elect’s picks are more committed to serving his brand and their own wallets than they are to serving the American people.

According to the caucus, many of Trump’s appointments have attempted to destroy the agencies they are now expected to lead.

“We are disturbed by not just one pick here or one pick there, but the sum total of all represent a very disturbing trend,” Ellison said.

The 5th District congressman is leading the charge against Trump’s cabinet picks while running to lead the Democratic National Committee.

The congressman got a big endorsement Thursday from the nation’s biggest labor group. The AFL-CIO says Ellison “meets the high standard working people expect from leaders.”

If elected to chair the DNC, Ellison says he’ll resign from Congress.

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  1. Joe Smith says:

    “Keith Ellison Leading The Charge Against Trump’s Cabinet Picks”

    Then Keith should vote against their confirmation. Wait. What? Oh …

  2. Dems don’t seem to understand that Trump’s ‘brand’ is AMERICA! Putting Main Street first is so offensive to these bitter, destructive, racist babies. Trump has skin in the game. His brand fails if America fails. Tired of hearing threats and crying and whining from Dems who offer NOTHING in terms of solutions.

  3. Keith for president … , he can run the USA from his offices in Somalia with the help of his Imam Cabinet Ministers here.

  4. If Keith is disturbed it must be a good day for America.