MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — So many people live in Minnesota for that outdoor lifestyle. That’s especially true when you go to northern Minnesota, which is where this week’s Kylies Kid is from.

Nathalia lives in Duluth where they spend most of their days hiking and exploring. But now they’re spending a lot of time indoors as she fights cancer at Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Nathalia’s window at Masonic Children’s Hospital looks right out at downtown.

“Here we’ve got a view of the urban jungle,” Nathalia said.

It’s just a little different from her view at home in Duluth.

“The view – we live at the top of the hill,” Nathalia said. “It’s right on the hillside so we overlook the harbor and the lake.”

It’s a picture perfect look at Lake Superior.

“I go home and, I don’t know, I feel a lot better and everything,” Nathalia said.

While the hospital has all the drugs to fight Nathalia’s cancer, home offers a different kind of medicine.

“Fresh water, fresh air,” Nathalia said.

“There’s something special about that lake,” said Katy, Nathalia’s mom.

Which is why every time her week of chemo is up, Nathalia heads right back to Duluth.

“Down there I don’t have to worry about hospital things and whatever,” said Nathalia.

Before her diagnosis, Nathalia and her family traveled all over hiking and exploring.

“We do a lot of hiking, we take random trips to Canada,” said Katy.

Nathalia’s already had surgery on her knee and part of her femur.

“I couldn’t walk on that leg anymore so they gave me crutches at first,” said Nathalia.

Now she has chemo treatments until February. And while she is away from home, her best friend made sure she wasn’t alone.

“We’ve been friends for 10 years now and she was with me when I got the diagnosis,” Nathalia said.

They will play games inside the hospital until Nathalia is well enough to be back out exploring.

“I’m starting to walk again and hopefully I’ll be able to go hiking again,” Nathalia said.

When they found Nathalia’s cancer, they also found some tumors in her lungs.

Once she’s done with chemo in February, then in March she’ll have surgery on her lungs.