MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The University of Wisconsin-Madison is defending plans for a course on race relations after two state legislators criticized the class and warned it could affect the school’s funding in the next state budget.

Republican Rep. Dave Murphy says the course entitled “The Problem of Whiteness” is inappropriate and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Murphy is chairman of the Assembly’s universities committee. He and Republican Sen. Steve Nass say that how the university handles the spring course could affect its request for new state funding.

The university in a statement said the course will benefit students who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of race issues.

The State Journal says Murphy is also calling for the dismissal of the course instructor, assistant professor Damon Sajnani, over some tweets he said condoned violence against police.

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Comments (5)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    The only understanding of race issue this class will promote is to blame everything on whites, because “people of color” never are the cause of issues relating to race.

  2. While a race relations course is a fine idea, calling it “The Problem Of Whiteness” is in itself an inflammatory start. What a stupid title. Why not just call it Race Relations 101?

  3. Nick Hauge says:

    I wonder what kind of career a course like this will prepare people for.

  4. Mick Shoup says:

    I’m a Democrat and I hope the state legislature starts holding funds hostage until the cowardly, gutless administrators on our campuses start refusing to kowtow to these elements on campus and get rid of not only courses like this one, but entire departments that don’t even hide that their mission is to stage activism. That working poor person in Beloit should not have a penny coming from their pockets to subsidize this garbage.

  5. The continual brainwashing of our children, by the colleges and universities, has to end. This is where the radical left is born. This course should be categorized under philosophy. Then everyone will no it to be worthless subject matter.