MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who abducted and assaulted a 7-year-old girl near the St. Paul Cathedral faces civil commitment.

Mark Meihofer, 48, has apparently admitted to his attorney that he needs hospitalization because he cannot control his sexual impulses and will likely commit other crimes.

Meihofer was charged with kidnapping the girl from outside of a St. Paul home this past May as the girl’s father was inside the home.

Meihofer took the girl back to his room at Catholic Charities where he tied her up, took pictures of her, made her smoke some substance and then sexually assaulted her.

Meihofer was found to be incompetent to stand trial. He voluntarily submitted himself for civil commitment, waiving his right to a trial.

  1. Adam: As the recipient of two regional Edward R. Murrow Awards , perhaps you would care to explain how you came to the conclusion that a person adjudicated mentally incompetent, could, by the furthest stretch of the imagination, waive his rights to due process.