By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The case began four months ago.

Now, the finished report has more than 100 pages of court documents, outlining disturbing details in which eight underage boys describe a pattern of sex abuse involving South St. Paul elementary school teacher Aric Babbit and his partner Matthew Deyo.

In the documents, the first boy says he met the couple at the Hilton hotel in downtown Minneapolis, where he was provided alcohol and marijuana before being coerced into sex.

He told police the men said to keep what happened as “our little secret.”

Police then got a warrant to search the couple’s home and confiscated dozens of phones, hard drives and storage devices.

The documents state many of the devices contained nude pictures and videos of the boys, some of which were recorded using a hidden camera in a clock that was found in the home’s bathroom.

The documents state that many of the boys were taken to the couple’s family cabin – where more sexual encounters happened.

Days after the search, the couple was found dead from an apparent murder-suicide in San Juan County in Washington State.

The documents contained a note that was found on the couple. It stated the two were on a “vacation of a lifetime” and chose to die there.

The documents also state how the couple sent a suicide letter to Deyo’s parents from Washington.

In the letter, the couple claimed they would be perceived as monsters but that anyone involved in the case was a willing participant.

The letter ended by saying they wanted to “choose our own destinies rather than experience the embarrassment, ridicule, hatred, and inevitable loss of freedom that the justice system would give.”

Babbitt and Deyo died before police ever had the chance to file charges.

With the case now closed, police declined to make any comments.

Because Babbitt worked for South St. Paul Schools and one of the alleged victims was a former student, we reached out to the superintendent for a comment.

We did not hear back.

Jeff Wagner

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  1. Gays shouldn’t be anywhere near children. If they don’t engage in sex themselves they look the other way when other gays do.

    1. Men abuse underage children also. By your logic, No men should be anywhere near children.

    2. Jeff Mannino says:

      These kind of monsters/pedophiles/murders are across all ethnicity’s, sexual preferences, ages. even women do this in a much smaller percentage as compared to men. Same can be said about the lone gun/knife/car nut. There’s always bad apples among the bushel. Casting blanket statements about Gays “shouldn’t be anywhere near children” Is among one of the most narrow minded ignorant thing I have ever heard. Its not productive to the conversation. that is the absence of critical thinking and the epitome of knee jerk behavior. Please reflect on that