MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota business is under fire for its advertising from a nonprofit watchdog group.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota is lowering the rating for Chaska-based MyPillow from a BBB rating to an F. The organization says the company violated its code of advertising after receiving complaints from consumers.

First, the BBB says MyPillow’s “buy one get one free” discount has to be extended for a limited time, and could otherwise be construed as using the sale to mask the product’s regular price. The BBB says a “substantial number” of the 232 complaints filed against the company are regarding this confusion.

The group says it contacted MyPillow owner Mike Lindell about the confusion, who told them he wouldn’t be able to stop the company’s “buy one get one free” offer, but would look at making changes in 2017. When pressed for more, the BBB says Lindell was not specific.

The BBB also says the “as seen on TV” claims are sometimes listed on MyPillow boxes when the content isn’t the same as what’s seen on the ads. Furthermore, the BBB disputes MyPillow’s claim of offering a “full warranty” — customers need to pay a fee to return the pillow.

Lindell released a statement Monday.

“MyPillow was built on our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction. We run sales and specials for our customers, so that we can give as many people as possible the chance to have a great night’s sleep. Naturally, I am terribly disappointed by the BBB’s decision.   

“When I started MyPillow more than 11 years ago, I handled each and every customer call personally. To this day, I train all of our customer service representatives with one thing in mind, we take care of our customers because we owe them our success. We have sold more than 25 million MyPillows, but we will continue to treat each and every customer like they are our only one.  

“From myself and our 1,500 employees, we want to thank our loyal customers.”

Comments (25)
  1. Buy one get one is BS 1 pillow is $60 if you want the 2nd pillow the price go’s up to $90

  2. I saw “My Pillow” in the “As Seen On TV” section at Walmart. There price was $48.99 for one pillow. Do the math, seems like deceptive advertising to me.

  3. I have bought about 10 of them. .LOVE them. Gave a few away as gifts. People LOVE them..

  4. Deb Morse says:

    This is the best pillow i have ever owned..worth every dollar i spent..buy them as gifts too..no complaints from anyone..BBB you need to re evaluate this situation. I will never use any other type of pillow ..I am totally satisfied with MYPILLOW and I recommend this pillow to anyone

  5. Sandy Gunn says:

    Isn’t all advertising deceptive ?

  6. They told me buy one get 1 free and they charged me $110.00 , so the 2nd 1 was not free.

  7. John Martin says:

    my mother bought one several years ago for $59.95 and she gave it to me because she didn’t like it. i don’t like it either.

  8. I own four MyPillows and they’re great. I sleep on one every night.

  9. I had a tremendous snafu at Christmas with my order. I have to say the customer service representatives could not have been any better. I did have trouble getting through to them, but, it was Christmas, so that is understandable. I bought 8 – they averaged $50 each, the same as in the store. I do not understand the people who are saying they paid more than that, unless they ordered a different pillow than the one advertised. I love this pillow. Of course, everyone is different and will have different tastes and preferences. I have been tagged several times with this post. The way the post is presented on facebook, it is not made clear what the issue is with the BBB. So, people who do not read it entirely are making suppositions that may be in error about the product or the company as a whole. I hate to see American companies and small-business owners subjected to this. I hope My Pillow corrects their advertising and this post goes away…….

  10. My pillow sucks. I received two nights of migraine headaches and gave it away after that. Going to stay with my old pillows. Save your money..

  11. I received a MYPILLOW as a bonus gift from a casino. After trying to use it and never getting a decent nights sleep I gave it to my daughter. She was going to buy them for her family but I suggested she try mine out first before spending the money. Told her I did not want mine back, she could keep it. Think they are a rip off!

  12. Mike Giles says:

    This was some evil, whining “liberal” within Minnesota’s BBB who did this!! These pillows are Great, Made right there in Minnesota, and are Created in good faith. Oh, yeah, this Christian-hating “liberal” can’t stand that Mr. Lindell wears his cross on TV!!