MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The New Year is here, and after holiday shopping you might want to give your credit card a rest.

But don’t put it down just yet!

January is a perfect month to get deals on winter apparel or video games that Santa forgot to bring!

Chrysa Duran from Thrifty Jinxy Gets Us Movin’ with New Year deals and sales.


Like clockwork, holiday decorations go on clearance the day after the holiday. But if you’re creative you can put the discounts to use all year long.

“Look for things like wrapping paper that is in solid colors or non-Christmas patterns that you can use for other occasions, or if you find red or white decorations you can use those for Valentine’s Day,” Duran said. “My favorite thing to do is buy the bags of the foil-wrapped chocolate and then I separate those out by color and use the red and silver wrapped ones for Valentine’s Day and the green and gold ones for St. Patrick’s Day.”

Gym Memberships

Keep your wallet fat this New Year, even if your resolution is to get thin.

“There are a lot of deals with joining a gyms, both on lower membership fees and waving the sign-up fee,” she said. “If you want to work out at home there is exercise equipment on sale, so things like treadmills or Nordic Track, or smaller equipment like free weights or kettle bells. Even what you need to wear to exercise – yoga pants, dry-weave T-shirts – all that exercise gear should be on sale all the way through the end of January.”

Winter Clothes

Retailers are moving in spring inventory. That means winter clothes need to go.

“They need to move out the winter clothing to make room for it. So, everything winter-related like outerwear – coats and jackets, sweaters – that’s all going to be on sale especially when we get closer to the end of the month,” Duran said.


One of the most historic deals in January dates back 200 years.

“White sales are a tradition that goes back all the way to the late 1800s when retailers were looking for a reason to get everybody out of their house in the cold weather. And after spending everything for the holidays, it was a way to get people to buy things. So, it was linens that was a big draw and so we still see white sales, like sheets and towels and also other household linens on sale usually 30-60 percent off,” Duran said.

Video Games

If your kids got a new system for the holidays, January is the month to stock up on games.

“There were a lot of new games introduced right before the holidays, so those will start to go on sale after the holidays,” Duran said. “The other thing is, in the beginning of the year is the Consumer Electronics show in January and the Toy Fair held for the industry in February. That is when they announce new toys and electronics, so a lot of new games will be announced so stores will start thinking about moving out some of the older games to make room for the new games when they come out.”

Flowers & Chocolates

And even though Valentine’s Day takes place next month, keep an eye out for flower sales to start just before the end of this month, as well as chocolate sales.

You could find chocolate 20 to 25 percent off. Some online retailers will also start to offer free shipping at the end of the month.