MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities man fatally shot by police in Mankato is being remembered by his family and co-workers.

Police say an officer shot and killed 33-year-old Chase Tuseth early Saturday morning at a Country Inn and Suites in Mankato.

According to the police report, workers at the hotel say Tuseth was behind the counter in the lobby, throwing things.

The report says Officer Gary Schnorenberg arrived and tasered Tuseth.

But when he tried to handcuff him, witnesses say he broke free and began kicking and hitting the officer.

During the struggle, the officer fired his weapon and shot Tuseth.

Tuseth’s grandmother said he was a standout athlete, and was an MSU-Mankato graduate. She said he had previously taught in Japan and South Kroea.

She said the news has shaken her family, because she says she had never seen or heard of her grandson acting like this.

“This comes as a big shock and will definitely have a big impact on our family environment,” said Eric Serbus.

Serbus is the principal at Tokata Learning Center. It’s an alternative high school in Shakopee where Tuseth was a teacher. Serbus called him an outstanding educator.

“He was bringing some pretty unique, creative projects to our school. The unique thing about Chase is he had a very good combination of knowing when to pull students, when to push students,” said Tuseth.

Serbus didn’t want to comment on what happened early New Year’s Eve morning. That’s when Mankato police received a 911 call from employees at the Country Inn and Suites, saying that Tuseth was acting up.

Schnorenberg tasered him, before fatally shooting him, after witnesses said he struggled with the officer.

On Facebook, Tuseth’s uncle Mark Liptrap wrote, “He was a great kid, a teacher and terrific athlete. He will be greatly missed. Although I am biased, I believe this to be a case of excessive force.”

“We are going to miss Chase,” Serbus said. “Chase is such an important part of our school. Part of our family. He brought a lot of positive energy into our school. We are just trying to process and cope right now.”

Schnorenberg has been with the Mankato Police Department for 30 years.

He was treated for minor injuries and is on standard administrative leave as the investigation continues.

Tuseth was cited for drunken driving in Scott County in 2008.

But after meeting conditions set by the court, that charge was dismissed.

Police have not said if Tuseth was drinking or if alcohol was a factor.

John Lauritsen

Comments (11)
  1. Lynn Gravatt says:

    So hitting or kicking a cop is a death sentence?

  2. Yep. Hitting or kicking a cop in the performance of his duty is extremely dangerous. You shouldn’t do it. Most people know that intuitively. Guess no one told this guy.

  3. Cops are just the Gestapo, and wait until TRUMP brings his GESTAPO in it will only get worse. I am sure Putin has trained them and TRUMP.

  4. Jenny Weber says:

    Why no mention of what led the cop to taze him in the first place?

  5. Debra Brucki says:

    I am guessing the police officer was in “fear” for his life. You would think that law enforcement in Mankato are aware that it is New Year’s Eve — people are out partying way too hard. This is sad. This is irresponsible behavior.

  6. Duane Wolfe says:

    ” Although I am biased, I believe this to be a case of excessive force.” For everyone rushing to judgement of the officers actions a couple of questions. 1. When are officers justified to use Deadly Force according to MN State Statute? Don’t know? Look up MN 609.066. 2. What factors determine if an officers use of force are lawful or not? Don’t know? Look up Graham v Connor. In that case one of the factors is the officers perspective at the time.3. Don’t know what that was?Then you are in no position to determine if the force was reasonable or not. That is why there are in-depth criminal investigations, grand juries and trials versus internet opinion polls.

  7. Jeff Mannino says:

    its a new era.. proving that race isn’t a factor to a cop when discharging a weapon into a belligerent non compliant suspect.. im assuming they’re both white as it wasn’t highlighted a billion times throughout the story
    Please wait for all the facts people before rushing to hyper outrage..