MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota is calling for transparency and law enforcement reform following the fatal police shooting of a Shakopee teacher.

Chase Tuseth, 33, was shot and killed last weekend by a Mankato police officer after he allegedly fought back during an arrest for disorderly conduct. The officer that shot him was identified as Gary Schnorenberg, a 30-year veteran of the Mankato Police Department.

The ACLU-MN says that Tuseth’s death on New Year’s Eve marked the 14th and final fatal police shooting of 2016. The civil rights group says that while police officers have an often difficult job, there needs to be more emphasis on de-escalating situations.

“As a society we cannot allow people to be killed by the police for being disorderly, or drunk, or for having a broken taillight,” said ACLU-MN executive director Charles Samuelson, in a statement. “None of these crimes would warrant a death sentence in any state, let alone in Minnesota where we don’t even have the death penalty.”

Tuseth’s death is currently under investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The ACLU-MN is urging the agency to be transparent in its investigation and release any footage it’s obtained of the shooting.

Tuseth was a biology teacher at Tokata Learning Center, an alternative school in Shakopee. His funeral is slated for Saturday.

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  1. What a perverse twisted bit of logic by the ACLU-MN representative in saying that we cannot allow people to be killed for disorderly conduct, drunk, broken taillight. That’s NOT what got this guy killed! What got him killed was choosing to fight a police officer.

    ACLU, stop lying!

  2. If you fight a Police Officer and you think you won’t get hurt well you and a rock have allot in common and deserve what you get

  3. There is no time for determining what is causing the problem when someone is posing an immediate threat to public safety. The ACLU has long since become useless in guiding solid principles.
    This is a tragedy to everyone involved including the police officer who did what he could to perhaps save a life. My heart aches for the family.
    Is it another cautionary tale of what can happen when you use mood-altering substances?

  4. James Green says:

    What fine upstanding inspiration this guy must have been in the liberal arts community. why else would the ACLU even make an appearance in this story. I’m sure one of his new years resolutions was “I’m going to turn my life around”