MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Roseville massage therapist is accused again of making unwanted physical contact with a client.

Marion Guy Anderson, 37, was recently charged with one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct while performing a massage, according to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office.

The criminal complaint says a woman went to Elements Massage in Roseville on Nov. 26 to redeem a gift card for a massage. She was placed with Anderson, who greeted her by saying, “I’m not supposed to do this but I’m going to give you a hug.”

They went to a massage room, where Anderson told the woman to remove clothes to her comfort level. He left the room, and she undressed down to her underwear and bra.

Marion Anderson (credit: Ramsey Co. Attorney's Office)

Marion Anderson (credit: Ramsey Co. Attorney’s Office)

Anderson came back and began the massage, but soon asked her to remove her bra because it was in his way. She did so, but soon became uncomfortable as Anderson began to massage her inner thighs while engaging in what she described as flirtatious conversation.

Anderson told the woman, who is of Asian descent, that he likes “her people,” and that he had once had an Asian girlfriend. He then asked her relationship status, and she replied that she had a boyfriend.

The woman told investigators that Anderson said about 10 minutes later that he did not care if she had a boyfriend, and then asked her to remove her underwear and turn over to lay on her stomach.

She said Anderson then climbed on to the table and massaged her, pressing up against her buttocks. She said she could feel his genitals pressed against her and asked him to stop the massage.

The complaint says the woman than heard Anderson zip up his pants before saying he was sorry. He then asked her to “pinky promise.” She later talked to the store’s manager and then contacted police.

Investigators found the city of Plymouth had denied Anderson a massage license three years ago after he was charged for practicing without a license. The discovery came when Plymouth police were investigating Anderson after a woman accused him of inappropriate sexual contact while giving her a massage. The woman ultimately declined to press charges.

Anderson could face up to a decade in prison if convicted.