MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Ramsey say they pulled over a pregnant woman driving a stolen car early Tuesday morning and found seven children inside, some with tape over their mouths.

In a press release, the Ramsey Police Department says the woman told officers she was going into labor after she was pulled over and was rushed to a hospital.

Officers say they pulled the car over at 12:19 a.m. and learned the vehicle was stolen shortly thereafter. Inside the vehicle, they found seven children who initially seemed unresponsive, but quickly woke up. Paramedics checked the children at the scene and determined that there was no immediate threat to their safety, and they were released to family.

Police say they took a male passenger in the car into custody for felony possession of a stolen vehicle. The Ramsey Police Department and Anoka County Child Protection are investigating the incident.

  1. Seven (almost eight) kids out at 12:15am because mom is in labor and some of the kids had tape over their mouths. I assume the kids were with because she has no reliable adults in her life to leave them with as she poops out another one. Or maybe they were headed to Walmart before the hospital, for more tape for the newest, almost here, baby. In a stolen car, because she probably does not have a car that she owns/that works. The newest stand in/up guy is in the stolen car and could be a baby daddy or maybe he is just the provider of stolen cars. SO GLAD HUMAN SERVICES IN NOW INVOLVED. What a mess of a very irresponsible, but fertile woman. She is clearly not a mom. How dreary.