MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis city officials announced Friday that Mayor Betsy Hodges and the city council have approved a resolution that supports resettlement of Syrian refugees in Minneapolis. The resolution also calls on other Minnesota communities to do the same.

Officials say more than 14,000 refugees from Syria have resettled in the United States since the beginning of the country’s conflict in 2011. Due to the war, millions have left Syria. Turkey is hosting 3 million with neighboring countries hosting another 2 million. Approximately 7,000 refugees have died trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

The resolution states that “hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are making life and death decisions to flee Syria and neighboring countries because they are unable to access shelter, health care, education or protection, and neighboring countries have closed their borders to new arrivals.”

“Minneapolis has long stood as a place of welcome for refugees from throughout the world, including those seeking resettlement from Syria,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “Today we restate our City’s commitment to welcome Syrian families to make homes and new lives here.”

The author of the resolution, City Council Member Cam Gordon, said the City Council’s action builds on other recent resolutions expressing solidarity with all people in Minneapolis.

“The war and devastation in Syria have left millions of vulnerable Syrian refugees without homes or a homeland. Thousands are seeking to settle in the United States,” Gordon said. “I hope that this resolution sends a clear message to them, and others, that Minneapolis is a welcoming city for them and all people. We support the resettlement of Syrian refugees here.”

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