MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Wild are reportedly on thin ice with the NHL after a violent skit played out during the intermission of Thursday night’s game.

The skit, concocted to celebrate mascot Nordy’s birthday, involved several other mascots, including the Minnesota Twins’ TC Bear, the Chicago Blackhawks’ Tommy Hawk and the New Jersey Devils’ NJ Devil.

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In the center of the rink, Tommy Hawk held a piñata while Nordy swung at it. Missing the piñata, Nordy struck Tommy Hawk as the arena’s announcer egged him to keep swinging.

Tommy Hawk fell to the ice as Nordy continued to pummel him with the bat. Nordy removed his blindfold while two other mascots dragged Tommy Hawk’s limp body off the ice.

The Wild tweeted a video of the skit Thursday night. Reactions on Twitter were mixed, with many fans objecting to the violence of the skit.

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The NHL’s official Twitter account also tweeted images of the skit Thursday night.


The Chicago Tribune reported the NHL has contacted the Wild regarding the skit and the team would make a public comment Friday.

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