MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For some, the idea of doing yoga in front of people might be a little embarrassing — but how about in front of everyone at Mall of America?

CorePower Yoga and Athleta teamed up to bring a unique experience to the Live Well Expo going on Saturday.

They’re called “Sound Off” classes. About 50 people were in each class in the Mall of America Rotunda.

Participants are given headphones and can only hear music and the instructor.

“CorePower is all about showing this intensely physical practice through the mindfulness of yoga and how cool is it to do it through these headphones and just be able to tune into yourself and what you’re all about,” market manager Claire Ewing said.

There were also giveaways, food and drinks provided as well as interactive fitness activities throughout the day.

WCCO’s Molly Rosenblatt took part in the class. Watch the video above for her thoughts on the experience.