Bryan Altman

As far as quarterbacks go, there’s Aaron Rodgers, and then there’s everybody else.

At least it feels that way watching the Packers’ star QB do his thing today in Arlington, Texas.

After the Cowboys scored 10 unanswered points heading into halftime, Rodgers and the Packers took the ball on the first possession of the second half and retook a 15-point lead thanks to a remarkable TD drive led by No. 12, featuring several vintage throws only Rodgers can make.

The drive started with Rodgers scrambling to his right under duress and somehow hitting Randall Cobb on the sideline while being pulverized for a 25-yard gain to put the Packers at midfield.

From there it took Rodgers just five more plays to find pay dirt, hitting Jared Cook in the corner of the end zone off of a beautiful play action fake that left the tight end wide open.

While the Cowboys’ offense has come alive, Rodgers has simply been other-worldly in this one, and they’ll have to find a way to slow him down if they’re going to come back and advance to the NFC Championship game, their first since 1995.

At press time, with 10 minutes left in the third quarter, Rodgers is 21 of 30 passing for 266 yards and three touchdowns.


  1. Ben Boniff says:

    Not absurd … just a brilliant leader taking control.
    Ol’ Brett was the same mold …. here in the Village you have the Purple Mutts and just used to losing. And losing. And losing.
    Yep – that tradition of losing is special too, right ? That new dome ….. should be somewhere else. Not in Packer land either …. real men play outside