By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two Minnesotans with key roles in Donald Trump’s inauguration say to expect a scaled-down, simpler series of events. That’s because they say the President-elect wants to get right to work.

Andy Post, who ran Trump’s Minnesota campaign, is the communications coordinator for the inauguration. Congressman Tom Emmer, an early Trump supporter, will be hosting a reception for Trump’s Minnesota supporters tomorrow.

While President Obama and had ten official inaugural balls in 2009, President Trump and his wife Melania will have three. Even the inaugural parade will be smaller than in past years — organizers say the Trump wants it that way.

“The President-elect wants to get back to work,” Post said. “He wanted a shorter parade.”

Post says the Trump team is not bothered by reports that celebrities have turned down requests to perform at inaugural festivities.

“The President-elect made that charge to our committee when we planned this — make it about the people, and not be so worried about which celebrities are coming,” Post said.

A new CBS News poll show the Trumps approval rating is just 32 percent — the lowest of any incoming president in modern history. Analysts say that is likely a factor in inaugural planning.

“The fact that they are scaling it back, I think, is less about what Trump would really want to do and more about that we are seeing a pretty significant boycott among Hollywood and musical stars,” Professor David Schultz of Hamline University said.

Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer, one of the only elected officials from Minnesota who supported and campaigned for Trump, says he thinks both the poll numbers and projections of a lower turnout for the inaugural are wrong.

“It sounds like déjà vu all over again,” he said. “I think we were back here in September and October — ‘The polls are saying this, and this is never going to happen.’ Forgive me, but they are going to have to build back a little credibility with people like me.”

Officially the projection for the crowd turnout for the swearing in is about 900,000 people, which would be significantly less than the 1.8 million who turned out for President Obama’s first inaugural.

Authorities are also anticipating a record number of protesters both on Friday for the inauguration and Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington.

Esme Murphy

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  1. If it’s smaller, why does he need $90m vs close to half that for prior? Putting the leftovers into the Trump foundation?

  2. Jeff Mannino says:

    Emmer woulda been such a better more coherent governor that the idiot Dayton we have now. Which leaves me at odds.. Defect from this liberal dumbdumb state or take it back.. i hate the cold but the amount of lib dbags here is overwhelming.

    1. Get the Fuk out, the sooner the better. Be happy, Go help build the wall.

      1. Jeff Mannino says:

        gladly you passive agressive fake ***** are the worst.. plus the cold.. i grew up here so you can’t claim ownership over this state.. its damn idiotic such as the libs here