MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – City officials in Stillwater say the popular Ice Castle attraction will close Thursday as a warming trend will crank temperatures in Minnesota up to the low-40s.

The wintry attraction near the St. Croix River could remain closed for the following week, officials say. Indeed, the temperatures for the next several days will be almost spring-like, with highs in the low-40s, almost 20 degrees above average.

The city says the main issue for the Ice Castle isn’t the melting of the structure’s icicle-lined walls, rather it’s the floor, which is composed of 8 inches of crushed ice and snow. When the floor ice melts, the experience of treading through it becomes a sloppy mess for visitors.

Those who have purchased tickets to see the Ice Castle in the coming days can get a full refund or reschedule their visits. To contact Ice Castles, the company that builds the icy structures, click here.