MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police hope the public can help them identify the persons responsible for robbing six coffee shops in the past two months.

Five Starbucks Coffee shops and one Dunn Brothers have fallen victim to the gunmen.

The armed robberies took place in Minneapolis, Richfield, Roseville and St. Louis Park.

Police believe these men are responsible for the robberies of five Starbucks locations across the metro.

During each robbery, a gun was shown and money was taken. The latest hold-up took place inside this Starbucks in St. Louis Park.

“It was early in the morning and I like to get work done when it’s quiet and they are conveniently open at 5 in the morning,” the victim said.

He does not want to be identified but he does want to talk about what happened to him last Thursday while he was sitting in the coffee shop.

“I heard someone say ‘Hey you’ and I looked over there and I saw a gun and I knew robbery right away,” the victim said.

So he did what he was told by the gun toting robbers.

“He said get up, go behind the counter, put your heads over your head and get on your knees and I was scared at that point because a guy with a gun on me and my hands over the head and on my knees, I said ‘Oh no’ and he said put your head on the ground,” the victim said.

The men got what they came for, money from the cash register.

Investigators have linked this robbery to at least four others. Video surveillance produced these images of the men investigators believe are responsible.

Since Dec. 10, 2016, they have hit a coffee shop weekly.

Witnesses say the men are in and out quickly, and their threatening tone haunts their dreams.

“I was like oh shoot, this is it. This is it, I can die any second now,” the victim said.

Take another look. Police want these guys off the streets. If you have any information, police would like to speak with you.

Investigators are still working to determine if the robbery of the Dunn Brothers on Xerxes Avenue South is connected to the other five.

Reg Chapman