ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Officials in the Twin Cities are reviewing President Donald Trump’s executive order that cuts funding for so-called sanctuary cities. They say the impact of the order is not yet clear.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman says it applies to cities that willfully violate federal law. Coleman says St. Paul is not in violation. St. Paul and many other cities have ordinances that create a distinction between the duties of local law enforcement officers and those of federal immigration agents.

Across the river in Minneapolis, Mayor Betsy Hodges says the city attorney is reviewing the order. Hodges says the city’s separation ordinance makes all the people of Minneapolis safer because victims of crime, and witnesses to crime, are more likely to come forward if they’re not in danger of being deported.

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Comments (3)
  1. Armed robbers rapists and terrorists make the Socialist Welfare village a better place.

  2. Kally White says:

    Well we are not in Obama land anymore Toto… the law is the law and your city WILL ENFORCE the federal laws or get cut off.
    Your “commander in chief” Donald Trump, now controls the DHS, ICE, and the Department of Justice. If you do not like the law get it changed but selective or modified enforcement of any federal law is not an option for you anymore.
    Coleman’s and Hodges see victims of violent crimes by people who should have been deported as acceptable collateral damage to secure a voting block.

  3. Both of these Mayors might want to understand who votes for them and it’s not illegals!