MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A woman had to be hospitalized after she was apparently bitten by a Coon Rapids police K-9 early Sunday morning, authorities say.

Police say officers received a 911 call at about 6:40 a.m. from a residence at 2740 121st Lane NW. The caller said she saw a person more than 5 feet tall wearing a black coat in her backyard walking toward Crooked Lake Blvd. NW. The caller then became frightened by a loud noise coming from the back of her residence, police say.

Officers arrived on scene, set up a perimeter around a structure with windows in the back of a property next door to where the call came from. Authorities saw a flashing light being used in the structure, and used voice commands to order the person outside. Police say they gave orders for five minutes.

Authorities then entered the building with a K-9, and found an 81-year-old woman inside. She suffered bites to her arm. Police did not know if the K-9 was on a leash or under the control of a handler, but officers did enter the building immediately after the K-9. Authorities say the woman lived at the address where the K-9 entered.

She was treated at the scene and taken to Mercy Hospital for further examination. She has not been identified, and the incident remains under investigation.

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  1. Kay Xiong says:

    I hope they charge the caller for false information

  2. The caller had no way of knowing, they were just scared. You would think though that the Police would knock on the door first before sending in the K9(s). This is not a race issue, so I hope us Hmong people don’t just to that conclusion. What it is though, is a training and procedural issue. First off, we are in America, with so many different races and cultures… so the language barrier is there. Police can’t always assume orders will be heard or understood by a person. An old elderly lady who speaks and knows no English, would have no idea the commotion outside was for her. Thirdly, is it policy to send in a deadly weapon (K9) in blindly? Again, it’s a procedural issue, and not some race issue people are trying to make it out to be. The Police should apologize, settle for paying her medical expenses and give her a little for suffering and review and revise their policies and if the Officer didn’t follow policies then reprimand him for a short period of time and then call it even.

    1. Sing B U Ly says:

      @ Rolland Gnavnakost. I agreed with you on the assumption that this most likely not a race issue. Unless is proven wrong. But the lack of common sense and sensitivity of this officer is greatly wrong. First, this Hmong grandma is 81 years old and walking with a walker. She was dragged from the home garage to the patrol car (and this was not mentioned in this short article). Second, they didn’t treat her after they found out that she is old and can’t even move well (walk well), Rolland if you are Hmong, you will understand this 81-year-old grandma at her age. This officer will jump in as fast as can be if this grandma was an 81 years old Caucasian lady. My question is, this you see the video interview from her and did you see the short video of the police officer?

  3. Kahoua Thao says:

    The elderly lady was not “apparently” bitten, she was “BITTEN” by the K9. I’m sorry, was there other dogs on the premises? Please provide facts.

  4. Ricky Cha says:

    You boys in blue did a real good job….our community is very proud of you. So much for the police are on your side and don’t worry neighborhood watch is there for you. You boys are lucky it wasn’t my grandma in my backyard. You’d sure be swallowing some 10 gauge pellets and we’d sure love to see your ugly mugs at the hospital thinking you are all so righteous!

  5. Her Thao says:


  6. Dennis Carey says:

    Total police negligence. What poor dog handling. You don’t release your dog on an unknown sound or light in a building. That is the equivalent to shooting through a door at noises. I hope they sue the sh#t out of the department, and the dog handling officer loses his job. Massive incompetence.

  7. She was trapped in the shed….why escalate? Why drag her to the patrol vehicle?