MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A bike club hopes to help two central Minnesota students heal from bullying.

Aaliyah Carlsen says she was bullied by a classmate at a Millaca apartment by an older girl from her school in December.

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And just last June, 15-year-old Sydney DeTenancour says she was brutally attacked in St. Francis.  She says a group of women beat her up and then cut off her hair.

Both incidents were caught on camera.

Saturday, the group Bikers Against Bullies held a rally for Aaliyah and Sydney.

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The nonprofit is committed to promoting awareness and building a support system for victims of bullying.

“You’re not alone. You have people that love you, people that care about you and that’s why we’re here,” Greg Carson of Syd’s Angels said. “And just like for Sydney, we’re not going anywhere. We will always be here, we will always pursue, we will always be watching.”

Aaliyah’s story all started when she stuck up for a friend in the hallway the week before the alleged assault.

For more than two hours, the freshmen from Princeton High School says she was locked inside an apartment, while a senior kept forcing her to fight.

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But in the two months since the fight, some critics believe the school hasn’t done enough to keep students safe.