MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man out walking his dog ran into an interesting sight in Sibley County Sunday – 32 cases of beer lying in the weeds.

The county sheriff’s office says it received a report of found property at 9:02 a.m. Sunday at the Schilling Lake Boat Access in New Auburn Township. There, the 32 cases of beer were discovered by the man walking his dog.

An investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Sibley County Sheriff’s Office at 1-888-880-4567.


Comments (3)
  1. Ben Boniff says:

    Skunky beer — that’s what the local dopers are saying.
    Why drink stink when you can shoot up and get the buzz quicker and without heartburn.
    Man the addicts love their dope ….

  2. Craig Wilson says:

    It’s called a kegger without the keg. Just getting set up. Minnesota is famous for keggers. And other things they’re not to willing to share. Just look at who lives there and how they vote.