MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A baby can go through about ten diapers a day. That’s more than 3,000 in the first year alone, and a big cost for parents.

Which diaper you choose can dramatically affect the price. So we asked new mom Natalie Nyhus to look at the options and ways to save your family money.

As the saying goes, babies eat, sleep and — well, you know. That means diapering is a big part of taking care of them, but if you really start breaking down the numbers – each diaper adds up to a lot of cents.

There are three disposable choices for diapering: store made brands like Target’s Up and Up and Walmart’s Parent’s Choice, brand names like Huggies and Pampers, and green or organic like the Honest Company and Babyganics.

We broke down the cost per diaper for a size two in a 32 pack and 132 pack, via prices on Diapers.com. Store made brands were about 12 to 13 cents per diaper. Brand name diapers were 27 to 34 cents each. The green and organic brands were 28 to 50 cents per diaper.

Add that up, and diapers are a big cost. Blogger Sarah Carlson says figure on spending $100 per month, but there are ways to save.

“The best way to buy diapers depends on what kind of shopper you are,” she said.

1) Coupons

Coupon clippers will find plenty of options. Carlson says Target is currently giving shoppers a $20 gift card for $125 spent on baby purchases.

“If you have a baby registry they will often give you an extra 15 percent off coupon when you’ve had your baby,” she said. “That’s a way to stock up on diapers and get the lowest price.”

2) Buy in Bulk

Buying a lot of diapers at once can help you save quite a bit.

“Costco, Sam’s Club you can get massive amounts of diapers for that set price,” Carlson said.

3) Subscribe

Online retailers like jet.com and Amazon.com offer lower prices for members.

“If you’re a Prime member and set up subscribe and save, you get 20 percent off diapers every time,” Carlson said.

4) Don’t Size Up

Lastly, don’t size up until you absolutely have to.

“In each box, you get more diapers for the lower sizes,” Carlson said. “So the higher you go, the less diapers you’re getting.”

Carslson says choosing a diaper is a personal preference, but there is always a way to save. And no matter which type you choose, “yhe baby doesn’t know the difference.”

Another tip is to incorporate diapers into baby showers. You can also have guests bring diapers of different sizes and brands for the parents-to-be so they can sample a little of everything and save money.


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