MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul man, who shares a name with an actor known for his suave and relaxed demeanor, gave officers a decidedly stressful car ride last week.

Billy-Dee Williams, 33, was charged Wednesday with a count each of threatening violence, third-degree criminal damage to property and theft.

The criminal complaint says officers were called to the Burlington Coat Factory in West St. Paul on the evening of Feb. 10 on a report of shoplifting.

Officers waited outside the store for the suspect, Williams, to exit. He was said to have had about $154 worth of stolen items in his bag, and management claimed he had stolen items several times in the past two weeks.

Police say Williams was uncooperative during his arrest, denied any wrongdoing and accused them of “holding him against his will.”

Williams allegedly told officers that he had taken the items from a dumpster behind the store, which was full of other items. Officers checked the dumpster, which they said only contained boxes, paper and other refuse.

The complaint says Williams began threatening the officers during the ride to the Dakota County Jail, saying he would shoot them if they didn’t release him.

Officers also said Williams banged his head on the car window, thrashed around the back seat and threatened to attack them if they attempted to restrain him.

Officers say Williams then began to throw his entire weight into the car door in an attempt to escape, screaming “one way or another I will get out!” He also got on his back and started kicking the car door and began making more violent threats, saying he would come back and shoot them and other officers.

Police say he also said, “No wonder people are trying to kill you guys.”

Officers say they later inspected the vehicle and observed interior damage to one of the backseat doors.

Williams could spend up to six years in prison if convicted of all charges.