MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Just about everyone is loving our unusually-warm February. But the mild temperatures are posing a serious risk to some Minnesota residents.

Officials at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota say bats are waking up early from hibernation due to the early warmth.

This sudden end to hibernation is dangerous for the bats, who are running low on fat reserves and will quickly expend their supply due to their extremely high metabolism.

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WRCMN officials are asking homeowners who find bats inside their homes to safely capture them and bring them to the rehabilitation center.

They suggest taking a quart-sized container, poking holes in the lid and placing a crumpled-up paper towel at the bottom.

Quietly approach the bat, gently and quickly use a rolled-up magazine to slide the bat into the container, then seal it with the ventilated lid.

Call WRCMN at 651-486-9453 if you have questions about trapping a bat, and click here for more information.


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