MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For kids who are born with heart problems, sports aren’t usually an option. That is why this week’s Kylie’s Kid is so excited as she waits for her new heart. Jazzy can’t wait for the day she gets to play the sports she loves.

As Jazzy waits for a new heart, her temporary home at Masonic Children’s Hospital is decorated perfectly for the 13-year-old. It is important because until Jazzy gets a new heart – this room is her home.

“When I was born my mom took me home and didn’t have a clue I was having heart issues,” Jazzy said.

Jazzy was born with her heart flipped backwards.

“I had five open heart surgeries,” Jazzy said.

They always knew Jazzy would need a new heart, but it became real in October, when Jazzy had to stay in the hospital full time.

“I was down at Mayo for my birthday and Halloween and Thanksgiving,” Jazzy said.

She was finally able to come up to Minneapolis to wait a little closer to family.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time,” Jazzy said. “Every time when I run, I get tired.”

She’s not just waiting for a heart, but for a chance to play the sports she loves.

“For sports I want to play volleyball and soccer and basketball,” Jazzy said.

It will be perfect practice for her future career.

“When I grow up I want to be able to be a coach,” Jazzy said.

She even got a visit from Lindsey Whalen and Ricky Rubio recently.

“It was cool,” Jazzy said. “He gave me and my brother a basketball.”

Those aren’t the only plans she has.

“If I get my heart transplant and go back to school I want to be a babysitter,” Jazzy said.

But for now, it’s a waiting game. It could be a few hours, or a few months until Jazzy gets that call.

“Kids that are waiting for a heart need to keep going, don’t give up,” Jazzy said.