MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials with Lakeville Area Public Schools provided an update Tuesday after racist and anti-Semitic graffiti was found at Lakeville South High School.

School officials say racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on bathroom stalls on Monday at the high school. District officials say the student was identified and will be subject to disciplinary action under the school district policy.

Officials with Lakeville South High School, with the permission from the student’s parent, identified the student responsible as non-Caucasian and having significant special education needs.

“While this does not excuse the student’s actions, the district believes it will help the community and others put this incident into perspective,” school officials said in a statement.

District officials said the incident was very unfortunate and does not reflect the values or community at Lakeville South. They say it presents a teachable moment for students and staff, and a plan has been created to facilitate conversations about diversity with students and staff.

Administrators and staff will be made available on Wednesday for those wanting to discuss these issues.

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  1. In what world is a special education student allowed to go to the restroom unattended? Seriously folks, that is taking LRE way too far.

  2. Non whites do this all the time

  3. I highly doubt the student is really a special education student. In fact given that today 90% of all students fall into any number of classifications as special ed, it is more likely this is yet another ploy by the liberals to cover up the fact that their ignorance is spilling over onto unsuspecting innocent kids. Between the liberal media like CBS and the liberal trash that follow them, their seeing the fruit of their ignorance first hand and dont like it!

    1. Where are you getting your figures that 90% of all students fall within special needs. I’d love to see any proof of this that you have. As a trained educator I can tell you this is certainly not reflective in our schools. However, there is a clear indication (through non-partisan non-profits like SPLC) that it was with the rise of recent racist rhetoric and racial blaming in our politics that instances like these have risen 10x over.
      I think the important take away is that our children are listening and they don’t come to these conclusions on their own

  4. Craig Baydor says:

    So what is this person. “non-caucasion” is not a description.
    Male or Female.
    American or non-American.
    Muslim or Black or Illegal. What???
    Quick to blame Trump and supporters of Trump.
    Quick to blame caucasion.
    In their accusation and in their response, their racism is evident.
    Racism breeds racism.
    The media leads the pack.