By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of students in one Minnesota school district were ordered out of class Wednesday.

The Rochester School District says 71 students failed to provide documentation that shows they received their vaccines.

Rochester Public School Board members voted last week to enforce a state law that requires students be immunized or be officially exempt for reasons such as health or religion.

Students had to submit the proper paperwork to the school district in order to prove they are exempt by Wednesday.

The Rochester School district said the decision to prohibit students from attending class that did not have official documentation that they received their vaccines is simply enforcing a state law.

Some of the vaccines required by the state of Minnesota Include measles, mumps, chicken pox and tetanus.

The deadline falls on the same week two Minnesota Wild Hockey players fell sick with the mumps, one of the vaccinations the state requires.

Dr. Gigi Chawla of Children’s Minnesota believes this highlights just how important immunizations are to people’s health.

“I think that’s an important highlight for why it is just so relevant to be talking about this… [vaccines] protect kids and they save kid’s lives,” she said.

Rochester Public Schools claims principals and office staff are continuing to work with families for the proper documentation and will continue to do so throughout the day.

The impacted students are reportedly spread fairly evenly throughout the district.

Students removed from class will be immediately eligible to re-enroll when they submit the proper documents.

Kate Raddatz

Comments (60)
  1. RC Rose says:

    Dosent this doctor know about the links to illness and death from vaccines? How many lives are saved from mumps or measles? This is a childhood illness that children and adults recover from.
    One might wonder if this health care provider was living under a rock while the increase in autism is so rapid and alarming!

    1. Bill Fold says:

      You are goofy and behind the times. Read up.

      1. Mr. Zukko…This just shows how stupid the educators are. We, in the sciences, always debased the education majors as idiots. T

        1. Mr. Zucco, I stand corrected. The teachers, are however, very stupid and they won’t listen to scientific facts.

          1. James Cool says:

            Vaccines have saved billions of lives. Just don’t have them all at once. There is a limit to the insults our immune systems can take at one time. I have had every vaccine available (every one) and never had the relevant disease. Those who don’t are fools. A couple a year, yes you might get sick, but without them you could die. Man, people are stupid and you know what they say about stupid. I am a doctor.

            1. Get at least two of each and ask for extra mercury! I am teaching my kids to develop their skills as gravediggers because we will be spading under most of you.

    2. Cathy Bretz says:

      Measles is a serious disease.

      In 1980, before widespread vaccination, measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year. The disease remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine.

      WHO | Measles

      1. That is world-wide deaths….not the USA and Canada. False news.


          Wow, back in the 80s 500 people died from the measles. OMG! This is a disaster…hahaha.

          1. James Cool says:

            Back in the early 1900s millions of people died from the flu. So your point is? Moron. Bet you think climate change is worse.

    3. Kerry Early says:

      There is absolutely no credible proof that vaccines lead to autism. Personally I think it has more to do with genetics. Meanwhile vaccines keep people from getting ill or sicker then they would otherwise and in some cases death. Apparently to you and others like you having autism is worse than death.

    4. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble Rose, but the only link that has yet been found between any substance and autism is a vitamin D deficiency in mothers while they are pregnant which has been found to exist, and of course the fact that schools have found that they get more government money if they have most autistic kids so schools love to convince parents that little Billy Rude will get diagnosed with autism instead of just being treated as a kid with a discipline problem that needs to have his rear smacked a few times.

    5. Bob Smith says:

      This expulsion is just one more reason to abolish public school and replace it with vouchers to private schools of the parent’s choice.

      1. Yeah, because private schools don’t have to let you anti-vaxers in at all!

        What is really disgusting is that so many think that the vaccines my children had will protect you. In reality, there are so many children here from 3rd world countries now, you’re wide open to disease. Whooping Cough causes brain damage, longterm lung damage, up to 2 year recovery and American’s die from it every year. Polio still lives in stagnant water & leaves people disfigured for the rest of their lives. So many avoidable illnesses. Animals carry these diseases, illegal immigrants carry these diseases…if you don’t get vaccinated, plan on getting the diseases.

        If the vaccines cause autism, please explain the millions of vaccinated children without autism.

    6. A friend of mine contracted polio just before the vaccine came into wide use. He has been crippled for most of his life from the disease. Why don’t you ask him what he thinks of the vaccines? I did, you would not like the answer he gave

  2. The mumps vaccine is worthless. That is why we are witnessing outbreaks of mumps around the country in colleges, high schools, and now a few professional athletes. All raised on vaccination as a child. For those who had the mumps as a child, you have natural immunity. With the vax, an artificial immunity that fades away. Check out the whistle blower lawsuit against Merck filed by 2 research scientists from Merck.

    And why is Rochester School District doing this? They have a history of misleading parents with bad information regarding vaccine policy and exemptions in the past.

  3. John Garrett says:

    if not for ILLEGAL immigration, diseases like Polio and TB wouldn’t be an issue in our schools. Our schools would do a more effective job protecting our children if they stopped accepting children of illegal aliens.

    1. Bill Fold says:

      Exactly, but MN is a dumb state, second only to CA.

      1. James Cool says:

        Sorry Bill, WA State has to be dumb and dumber. Don’t vaccinate your kid, then keep them away from mine or I will sue you or the stupid school district that doesn’t enforce reasonable precautions. Schools, hospitals and other breeding grounds of concentrated humanity should be avoided unless everyone, yes that includes tulips, are vaccinated. Yes, those vaccinated shed viruses, that is why we get vaccinated, as to not get sick, stupid. Those that get sick also shed a lot more, and therefore infect more. Of course herd immunity works. If you doubt it, read my post again and again and again until you understand it. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. It is really hard to teach people that base their life decisions on opinions not reality. If you want to be rich don’t listen to your friends listen to rich people. If you want to be healthy don’t do what your friends do, listen to what healthy people do. Get to the bottom of your BMI range. It is called fasting. Survivors of Auschwitz are still among us, dying in their late 90s. Starvation is a mental disease. Hold your breath for 30 seconds and your will live. The same for 3 minutes. We eat way too much food and are dying for it. Sorry for rambling. Get your vaccines.

        1. If your vaccines are so great then you don’t need to worry about my unvaccinated kids infecting yours. Isn’t that the whole point of vaccines? You can keep your vaccine induced autoimmune diseases to yourself and your family. I will take the measles, be sick for a few days and enjoy REAL lifetime immunity and NO autoimmune diseases.

  4. Jj Parsons says:

    This is an glaring example of fascism by the “Medical-Industrial” complex (and its paid agents in the public health sector), not concern for the welfare of children…. Please, the concept of “herd immunity” is a myth, and vaccinated children are FAR MORE LIKELY to be carriers of pathogens than non-vaccinated children. Moreover, people have the right not to be violated by the State and forced to ingest chemicals such as thimerosal and other noxious “adjuvant” chemicals into their growing bodies. If you do any objective research on the question of vaccine efficacy and saftey, you will find that there IS a correlation between vaccines and ADD, autism, and other neurological disorders. Once again, the mass media fails us and supports the propaganda of the “medical-industrial complex.”

  5. Paul Rodgers says:

    Some of you folks must have a lot of tin foil around the house. Yep, all a giant conspiracy and vaccines are the root of all evil. Go back and look at past history and what these diseases did and how widespread they were BEFORE vaccinations. And no, many of today’s “children” right up to college age do NOT have vaccination because their parents were foolish.

    Here is my take on this…Do not want vaccinations? Fine. Then you or your child is NOT COVERED for the diseases you opted out of by any private or government insurance plan. Actions have consequences. If you truly believe vaccinations are bad or your religion forbids them, then do not expect anyone else to pay a penny towards any occurrence of that disease.

    Since so many of you are SO SURE vaccinations are the root of all evil this is certainly a fair arrangement, yes?

    1. John Parsons says:

      Not so fast, pal. The incidence level of disease in vaccinated people is HIGHER than non-vaccinated people, so the REAL RISK is the vaccinated person who “sheds” the virus, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Go study logic and look up “False Cause,” and maybe you will learn.

    2. riosam77 says:

      The contracting and spread of disease was already decreasing sharply by the time vaccines were developed, the reason? Greatly improved sanitation! Doctors, scientists have all said this time and time again. As for the medical insurance business, well as far as I know most of the time if you get mumps or measles or chicken pox, there isn’t anything going to a doctor can even do….they don’t have cures for them they just have to run their course… There are ways to safely vaccinate a child. Research a homeopathic doctor and find one that will obtain vaccine does in single dose vials. Those vials will NOT contain a thimerosal coating on the inside of the vial to prevent cross contamination because it is only for a single vaccine dose… unlike what the health dept or most doctor’s offices use…they use multi-dose vials of vaccine.. hence the thimerosal danger is quite real. btw/thimerosal is the medical term for MERCURY one of the most potential neurological dangers know to mankind, and remember injections go directly into the blood stream and within seconds circulated to the brain and Mercury and Aluminum are the ONLY 2 heavy metals capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier. I, personally, would still get a vaccine waiver from my local school district simply because I would only want my children to have 3 particular vaccines. Those being Tetanus, Polio, and Rubella (German measles) or (3-day measles). The reason I chose Rubella over Robiola is not because of the measles themselves but the danger of a first- trimester pregnant woman being exposed and if she contracted that particular Measle disease it can cause birth defects! So that one I concur with the herd vaccination concept..
      Polio and Tetanus can be very debilitating. As for the rest of the 20 some other vaccines they want to contaminate children with, my opinion is simple….HOGWASH!

  6. why is this news? All legit districts require vaccinations. There are so many illegals enrolling in the schools, they are bringing in all sorts of stuff we thought we had eradicated in this country. More than ever, every kid in the district should have their proper shots If they don’t want to do this, let them home school.

  7. Ken Mauldin says:

    So, I guess the “My Body, My Choice” medical privacy argument that allows for aborting unborn babies doesn’t apply to other medical procedures. That’s an interesting level of hypocrisy.

  8. Good. These idiots are welcome to kill their own kids by withholding vaccination but when they put mine at risk they make it MY business.

    1. Dana Joseph says:

      If your kid is vaxed, how could an unvaxed kid possibly pose any threat to yours?

  9. Get these kids to get exemptions-they have them in Mn. ya know.

  10. We wouldn’t need 1/10th the vaccines if the Democrats/Obama didn’t open the flood gates to millions of unchecked illegal aliens with every type of communicable disease on the planet. Including EBOLA, remember that? Vaccines which once eradicated diseases from North America and the world are now back in the United States. Under Obama’s terror era.

  11. James Ridge says:

    1/6th of the economy is pharmaceutical sales? You don’t say.

  12. Like it or not, if you go to public schools, you play by public rules.

  13. Strange, it falls on the same week as two mumps cases. I got the mumps shortly after my husband was vaccinated. Live virus shedding. All they have to do is write a note saying they don’t vaccinate for religious reasons. It’s that easy. Vaccines are poison.

  14. God, Anti-vaxers have to be some kind mega-narcissists. “Scientific proof that is accepted by the medical and science communities you say? Hogwash. We have this fake report from a stomach doctor who has been bared from medicine in the UK – and Jenny McCarthy! Take THAT science!”

  15. I went to 20 schools by the time I graduated high school. Proof had to be shown at every single one of them. I remember those shots I got as a kid.
    Show the proof, or get your refugee kids and anchor babies out of our schools.

  16. Tom Conrad says:

    Oh yes you are maybe saved from mumps and some other illnesses, but one of the trade offs is spending the rest of your life in agony because your digestive system is damaged. I remember the day my now 38 year old son got his 18 month loving vaccines. He had a violent reaction that day which the doctor said was “normal.” Well ever since that day he is tormented 24/7 by severe digestive and intestinal problems. Vaccines might be okay if kids didn’t get so many and didn’t get them so close together. Vaccines are definitely not “safe” for everyone. Ask yourself why are the vaccine makers themselves immunized from civil lawsuits for the damage their very lucrative and mandatory products cause?

  17. angiemn3 says:

    If the vaccinations are so great and reliable then why not allow those who do not want them in. It is not as if they can infect anyone right? Or is there another issue like making the companies wealthy who provide these vaccines — or is there another reason….. Time to homeschool your children America.

  18. Allen Rogers says:

    Our CDC has finally admitted that mercury, powdered aluminum and some of the other adjuncts in vaccines can indeed cause or contribute to autism. In addition, most of the diseases the vaccines are targeting had already been on steep declines when the vaccines were introduced.
    When a parent sees their child go into convulsions almost immediately after being injected with these poisons, then are told that there was no connection, red flags start waving and the distrust of the medical ‘science’ climbs rapidly. My own child, my nephew and another nephew’s child all went into convulsions or had severe breathing problems immediately or within a few hours of receiving these multi-vaccine shots at very young ages.
    WHY are parents being FORCED to have their children vaccinated against their will and freedoms of life and liberty? If your child is vaccinated, then YOUR child is protected, right?? So what gives you the RIGHT to inject poisons into MY child against my will, or religion or whatever reason I have??
    Look on line for those graphs which show that the diseases were already on a steep decline when the vaccines were introduced. I’m prevented from posting them here.

  19. Illegal Mexican Aliens, no doubt.

  20. Pat Ch says:

    Apparently vaccine articles attracts crazy people. Democrats I presume.

  21. Vaccines and autism? Read this link before making ultracrepidarian comments:

  22. Beloved in Christ, when the “officials” reject your son or daughter for not providing a vaccination verification, then they cannot enter the local school! Very well now it is time for you to resume the responsibility of training your children in loving kindness. The children can’t enter the local school? Then your children are entered into “your school”. What you need to know about doing this is available all around.

  23. Measles Live Virus Vaccine: (Attenuvax) Made by Merck. Two injections are given; one at 1 year and another at 4 years old. Contains gelatin, sorbitol, sodium chloride, bovine cow serum, egg protein and human albumin.

    Measles and Mumps Live Virus Vaccine: (M-M-Rvax) Made by Merck. Injected into one year old babies. Contains gelatin, sorbitol, sodium chloride, bovine cow serum, and human albumin.

    Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio Vaccine: Five injections given between 2 and 6 years of age, plus boosters “recommended” every 10 years. Contains formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol and aluminum phosphate.

    DTaP, IPV, HBV and Hib*: (Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B) Given to infants 2 to 12 months with boosters less than a year later. Contains aluminum hydroxide, formaldehyde, and bovine cow serum.

    Gardasil HPV: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Made by Merck. Administered to children as young as 9 years of age for a rare sexually transmitted disease. Contains polysorbate 80, sodium chloride, aluminum, and a “denatured” (fragmented and weakened) form of the virus.

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  25. Stehr Va says:

    When you let al these people in from third world cesspools what do you expect. All diseases we got rid of are back plus some really disgusting ones and all forms of TB and probably leoparsy. But the liberals think all this is ok because they are not the ones living next door.

  26. Paul Velte says:

    No government should have the power to force you to inject any foreign substance into your body. Are we free, independent people or not? That’s the only question that needs answering. No amount of debate over vax effectiveness and risks will settle the issue for everyone!

  27. What incredible cognitive dissonance and ignorance on the part of the “VAXASSINATION” crowd!

    Did you forget that a couple months ago Harvard had students getting FOUR MUMPS SHOTS – AND THEY DID NOTHING AT ALL TO STOP THE OUTBREAK????

    Missouri had similar issues – The vaccines ARE NOT WORKING AS ADVERTISED and if you can’t figure that out from such a blatant, undeniable example you need to get out of college and do something that doesn’t require any heavy thinking.

    So – you “JABBERS”, or pro vaxxers – THINK that the vaccine protects you, and you assume that these unvaccinated people need to be protected. Well, if the vaccine protected anyone – then why aren’t your already vaccinated students safe from those not jabbed up?